Do you want to decorate your home as an expert? We help you achieve it with 8 simple tips

By Casa Febus USA

Casa Febus wants your spaces to always look fashionable and like taken out from magazines, so we are always focus on helping you and this time we will give you a few tips to beautify your home and guide you to reach the style that you like best…

Best interior decoration tips:

  1. Neutral Colored Furniture

You must always take care of the harmony of the spaces in your home, how do you do it? Taking advantage of colors is a good start, the key is not to overload the area you are decorating, you can include neutral colors such as sand, beige and white, you can highlight them with a vibrating color and you will get a stunning result.

A sofa with a warm color like our ‘Unique Sofa Bed’ is the perfect complement your Living room needs. You can get it in our stores in beige and light gray for only $ 399.98

If you like more classic colors, our beautiful coffee table as the ‘ Reflections Round Table ’ is the right one for you, we have it available in colors like white and gray.

It measures 39 ” diameter, perfect because it does not take too much space and it will give your living room an elegant touch. You can find it in our stores for only $ 129.98

  1. Exact Measures

You must take special care in this aspect, why? Because you must take advantage of every single space of your home, knowing what can you place in them, without overload them. You must know all the space available in your home and this will help you to save money and time!

Taking care of details is our north, and what better way to make it elegant and functional at the same time with an item like our ‘Pillow Confetti ’, It is part of a beautiful Pillows Collection that will give the right touch of joy to your home.

Our Pillow Confetti measures 18″x18”, and you can find it in our stores in Red, Gold and Silver for only $14.98











  1. Use Large Objects

Here we are allowed to play a little with the perspective, we can help you to cover your spaces with a single object, yes, you read well! A perfect example of this are our ‘Planters’, they are ideal for places where you do not have too many pieces of furniture.

Our ‘Planters’ allows you to easily fill those spaces that at first glance seem empty, providing that touch of nature that inspires peace and calm.

Give a Tropical look to your corners with our Coco’s Plantation, made with the best materials and you can get it in our stores for only $ 59.98

  1. Art + Decoration = Perfect Combination

The walls are the most important elements that draw attention when you enter a place, the complement of these will always be frames or paintings since they are the perfect source of elegance.

A modern way of placing our paintings is placing them at different heights, designs and dimensions, but always keeping the same style, so each one can complement itself.

The ‘Circles Wall Décor’ are part of our metal wall collection, we currently offer them with a 20% OFF for only $ 47.98

Our ‘Happy Light Boxes-battery operated’ can be placed on the wall and on a table, these are beautiful and functional, for only $ 12.98

  1. Yes to the Carpets!

We know that not everyone agrees with them for their maintenance and we respect that, however, at Casa Febus, WE LOVE THEM!

We always recommend using 5 “x 7” area rugs, because they help to mark the front of our furniture, dining rooms, among others.

Our ‘Shaggy Rugs’ are the perfect complement for your living room, white, elegant and with a 33% OFF available in our stores for only $ 199.98

  1. Yes to the Carpets!

Having a good source of lighting in our interior decorations is completely important, since it helps to highlight the spaces of your home, which will make them look more spacious. GET YOURS NOW!

You can find many types of lamps but none like our Le Pom Pom in our store you can get it with a 40% OFF for only $ 47.99

  1. Feel inspire with the Reading Spaces

The spaces of your house should reflect your personality and at the same time must be functional, you can make this very easily. You only need to incorporate the right elements such as a beautiful and comfortable armchair where you can relax drinking a delicious coffee and reading a book or your newspaper. With our ‘Unique Corner Sofa’ you add a modern and stunning look to your home!

Practical, versatile and comfortable. Our ‘Unique Corner Sofa’ is available in our stores in brown, light gray and dark gray for only $ 249.98

  1. Fashion Tendencys 

We must always make changes and keep updated with the new trends. Not necessarily make dramatic decoration changes, just by adding touches, such as accessories, tables or centerpieces will be enough to make a difference!

A subtle centerpiece like our ‘Soft MP Rose Pick’, you can get it from our stores in cream, light pink yellow and dark pink for only $ 1.69Un sutil centro de mesa como lo es nuestro Soft MP Rose Pick, lo consigues un nuestras tiendas en colores crema, amarillo rosa claro y rosa oscuro a sólo $1.69

Figurines will be the perfect complement for your tables, you can get this beautiful ‘Ballerina’ for only $ 29.98.

After having followed our advices we cannot leave you without the most important, you must enjoy what you have done as much as you can! Remember that your home is your temple, and you have to keep it modern and elegant.

Visit your nearest Casa Febus decoration center, our specialists will be more than happy to help you, give you the best recommendations and show you all we have available for your home!